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You can't out-train a bad diet!!

Fitness is fun, but I partnered with a company because it puts a big focus on nutrition too!

You will never gain the results you want, maximize your health, and the way you feel, without first focusing on what you put into your body. From the ingredients in your foods, the portions being balanced from each food group, and the kicker that will either hinder your results or maximize them.... your supplements!!!

Too often I see people using cheap, low quality, poor ingredient supplements in hopes to achieve weight loss. However, what I find is most are packed with chemical fillers like artificial ingredients.

Artificial sweeteners like (Sucralose) can actually cause you to CRAVE more sugar!!! Studies have shown that the consumption of artificial sweeteners that are found in so many cheap supplements, actually cause a change in the brain (by reducing dopamine levels) that leave you intensely craving real sugar!!!

Artificial sweeteners reduce the body's ability to regulate calorie intake, which has shown to cause weight gain!!

So just think, if you are using a supplement that promotes "weight loss", but contains artificial sweeteners then it could actually cause you to gain weight overtime.

I really geek out on this stuff because it's something that I was soooo lost about myself!!! I use to totally go for all the "low-calorie" and "sugar-free" options! I thought I was doing good. It's no wonder that I worked out like a maniac, spending hours at the gym or training for mini marathons, but seen little to no progression.

So again.... fitness is fun for me and it will 100% accelerate your results!! I'm not denying it's important, but I want everyone to know it's not what will get you to where you want to be in your journey.

If you want to learn more about nutrition then lets hangout in my online virtual bootcamp, where I can provide you with the tools to learn more about your bodies needs and nutrition!

Are you ready?

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