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Shaun T is back

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It’s time to nail it—again! With the FOCUS T25 Super Block, the moves are new but the focus is the same: YOU. Shaun T makes every second count with nonstop cardio and strength workouts that let you control the intensity. Set your pace and Shaun will provide the motivation you need to focus on your goals and feel amazing in just 25 minutes.


For the first time, when you unlock the FOCUS T25 Super Block you’ll also unlock the B25 Super Block, Shaun T’s motivational and empowering bike block


The T25 Super Block is 3 weeks of cardio, lower and upper body weighted and bodyweight moves, and dynamic core work that all intentionally progress week-by-week as you get stronger.


These workouts hit everything in a nonstop 25 minutes, but you don’t have to jump in at max effort. Shaun puts you in charge of your change and provides modifications in every workout to help you get results at your own pace.

Shaun gives you the freedom to “B” all that you are with his uplifting and inspirational B25 Super Block. He’ll help you strengthen your mind-body connection with a combination of cycle plus cycle and strength workouts in the same 25-minute format. 





What can I expect
from t-25?

The Workouts 

For the first 3 weeks, you’ll work out 5 days a week for 60 minutes a day.

The 4th week is a functional recovery week, when you’ll take down the pace and do just two 60-minute workouts.


Choose Your Nutritional Path 

-Portion Fix

-Gut Protocol 

-2b Mindset


Me as your personal coach and 

the support and accountability of others in an online group 


When you fully commit you will achieve results you can feel and see! 

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