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About me! 

My name is Danielle and I have been a coach for over 8 years now. I started coaching as a hobby, and had no desire to make this a business. I loved my professional career as a Registered Dental Hygienist 😷. I had been practicing hygiene for about 7 years when I started coaching, and at that time I was just bored of the same thing day in and day out! I thought this would bring back some fun and energy to my life and allow me to do something with my love for fitness!.


At that time I was working full-time, a wife to my husband Chris 👨🏻, and a mommy to my little girl, Reese 👧🏻, who was almost 2 at that time. I wanted to do something in the fitness world, but it had to be on MY TIME 💁🏻!! I thought 🤔 about personal training, fitness instructor, or going back to school for nutrition. I quickly realized that did not fit in my current life plan. I already hated the time that my day job took away from my little girl, and we were wanting have another child. So I didn't want to add on a commitment that had me working nights and weekends or on someone else’s clock. When I learned about coaching from my friend (another RDH) I thought it sounded fun! When she said I could do it online and on my time! I was all in!!! Earn money for my family, by doing something I enjoy! Why NOT!? 🤷🏻.


Once I became a coach, I fell in love with it! I loved helping people, I loved the results I was getting! For the first time in my life I had a 6 pack, biceps, and quads! I began this with no transformation!!! I am where I'm at today because of coaching and beachbody ❤!!! ... really in so many ways!.In 12 months I was able to cut my hours as a hygienist, and in 18 months I decided to go all in and become a full-time Beachbody Coach! During that time I had my 2nd child, my son, Cash 👶🏻. It does NOT happen overnight but if you really treat this as the amazing opportunity it can be then there is a lot of room for success!


My husband recently resigned from teaching to come home and help me more with the kids and allow us to continue to grow this business..Our team is ranked in the top of the network!!! We are now a 3x elite top team! So just know that if you join us you are going to be with one of the top teams, that continues to grow and climb the ranks each year!.Coaching has blessed 🙏🏼 me and my family in so many ways! It's even allowed me to recently bring my husband home from his 13 year teaching career, now making Beachbody coaching our families full-time income.

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