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helping dental professionals in my online boot camps

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As hygienists staying fit, flexible and strong is imperative to the longevity of our profession. 

When I first started my journey to creating body strength it was because I knew if I wanted to remain with limited pain that I needed to create a strong core and back. All day we are hunched over patients, and though we do our best to maintain posture we often find ourselves in uncomfortable posture positions. 

We utilize our bodies so much throughout the day. Ergonomics is key, but also proactively managing and protecting our bodies should be at the forefront each and everyday. When I was a practicing hygienist I knew for my health and longevity in the career I had to make this a priority. 

Using fitness to improve your ergonomics as a dental hygienist is a smart approach to prevent musculoskeletal issues and maintain a healthy, pain-free work environment. 


My transformation wasn't just from fitness, but at the time I had started my partnership with one of the top at home fitness and nutrition companies around. I was using their nutrition program and working toward getting in all the food groups in the proper portions throughout the day. I started using strategies that allowed me to follow through with the nutrition program and begin getting results!

I know when I was still practicing dental hygiene that maintaining a nutritious diet in a fast-paced job was challenging. I often found myself standing and eating in the break room between patients. It wasn’t ideal, but I knew it was crucial for sustaining energy levels through my work day. Having something to follow and guide me made a world of difference. 

By combining fitness with ergonomic awareness, you can significantly reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems associated with dental hygiene and improve your overall well-being.



When I started my own fitness journey by following an at home fitness routine and a structured nutrition program I did not expect to see much change. But after 4 weeks I was finally getting myself out of my plateau and finally starting to see muscle definition. 

I worked out most of my life as early as my teens, and I have never seen results inside and out like I did with putting a hard focus on food groups, portions, starting much needed supplementation, and clean eating!

I was finally starting to understand nutrition! It took complicated macronutrients and created a system that was easy to follow and understand. I felt like I was learning how to fuel my body and use moderation in every eating situation. Not focusing on perfect, but balance!

Over the years after starting this I have got past my plateau, grew a healthy baby, went through my postpartum journey, and now continue to focus on STRENGTH & HEALTH.

Fitness accelerates results, helps heart health and improves every aspect of your life. But nutrition will always make the biggest impact! That's why I love helping clients with both fitness and nutrition. 


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