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Clean eating got me results.. not calorie counting!

The other day I had someone ask me, how long was the time frame between the first picture.

Which lead me into explaining that this transformation is only to share what it looked like when I was only focused on fitness and calorie counting. I was not focused on clean eating, or understanding the proper portions to balance out my day. The "Before" picture is actually at age 27, before kids. The after is me at age 34 after having two kids. ⁣ I had to remind the person asking, that it's a lifestyle I want to show people. It's not the amount of time it will take to get there that needs to be focused on, it's the consistency of focusing on your health. If you look at the pics you will see that my journey laid out in all the between areas of these two photos! From my first transformation, then gaining definition, later growing a baby, and on to my postpartum journey.

This is life and your body may change, don't focus on how long it takes you to get there, instead just work on getting to a place you feel healthy and happy with!

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