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Some call it a frozen meal... I call it toxic waste!

Next time you come across one of those frozen "Healthy meals" please keep this picture in mind! This "food" should be handled with caution! 🚫💀

WHY?... Well for one, have you read the ingredients? Do even know what half of them are? I don't! When every other word looks like a old chemistry test I begin to wonder should I really handle this with my bare skin let alone put it in my body? 

Now don't be offended because I am NOT judging, I too used to eat these meals thinking that I was being HEALTHY! I also fell for the false advertising and got tricked by the wording on the package. I seen words like LEAN, HEALTHY, Weight Watchers and I thought this must be a quick healthy alternative to cooking the meals myself. I would look at the nutrition on the back of the box and my eyes would zero in on the low calories and fat grams…. And that was it! That is all it took for me to put it in my cart and feel guilt Free.

Boy have I learned a lot since then!!! I now know this is one of the big reasons that my body kept the extra fat. My body just couldn’t break down the fat fast enough due to all the processed harmful things I was putting into it. Which makes sense! If you put garbage food into your body that is full of preservatives, chemicals and highly processed foods then how can you expect it to work correctly? You can go to the gym for hours, run miles, and give what you believe to be a 100% but if you are continuing to put products like this in your body then you are wasting your efforts. Your body will focus on breaking down the chemicals instead of burning fat. Meaning that LOW CALORIE MEAL just turned into nothing but a big glob of belly!

If questioning what you eat then use the app Fooducate! It's awesome and it can really break down the ingredients for you and gives you a rating on how clean and unprocessed it really is.

So the other day I had some fun with it and scanned this Smart Ones, which is a product made by Weight Watchers

First Off I counted the ingredients on the list, which contained right at about 50 different items! Several of them I had no clue what they were. I then scanned the barcode and it gave the meal a grade of C+…. Ok so when I was in college a C+ was not so hot!

The explanations stated it contained: • Trans Fats (increases chances of heart disease by raising your bad cholesterol and lowering your good cholesterol) • High in Sodium with OVER 30% of the daily MAX. • HIGHLY PROCESSED with CHEMICALS to help maintain the shelf life, NOT flavors. • Contains Industrial Carmel Coloring- Which in some states is on the labels as a potential cancer-causing agents. Those are JUST SOME of the negatives to this so called “healthy” convenient food option.

AS you can see those so-called “Healthy” frozen meals do not necessarily imply real food. Ignore brand names and health promises on the front of the package. Do not just read the nutrition facts; dig into the ingredient label and see what’s really in your food. If you do need some help – just scan the barcode with your fooducate app and it will tell you what to watch out for and also offer you Healthier alternatives.


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