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The Me.. before kids!

Today’s Transformation goes out to the me before kids. The me that didn't care about details like ingredients and only looked at calories and fat grams. I had no idea before I began this journey with coaching that I really needed to make any changes. 🤷🏻‍♀️⁣


💡 My first light bulb moment didn't hit me and my husband until our 1st born, Reese 👧🏻, began eating table food. I researched what to give her and I began to learn about organic foods. I then decided I wanted to make all her food and I wanted it to be foods that did not contain any added chemicals. .⁣


💡 Our 2nd light bulb moment came when I realized we fed her better foods than we fed ourselves. It made no sense when I really began to think about it! So Chris and I began little by little to eliminate some processed foods and replace them with good clean organic foods. ⁣


💡 Our 3rd light bulb moment came when I began a clean eating portion program during my new adventure with coaching! Being a coach helped me dig deeper, want to learn more, and share what I was learning, as I was learning it! I didn't start coaching having all the answers! Not even close really! At the time I thought I had known enough to keep me healthy, but really I just knew the bare minimum. ⁣


After years of reading 📚 , listening to bio's, using myself as a genuine pig, and allowing myself to grow in my knowledge of nutrition over the years. I now feel that I have a better understanding on how to be healthy for me, my family and to really be able to help others. However, it came with time! Really the cool thing is I find people learning it a lot quicker though our online groups! With my virtual boot camp, Eat Clean, Get Lean geared toward nutrition my clients are reaching their goals quickly and hear ing more about their body and nutrition!!! ⁣


See I began coaching for my love of fitness but didn't expect it would transform me and my husband to be the healthiest and happiest we have ever been! Now we have the honor of paying it forward to our kids 👧🏻👶🏻, our family, our friends and thanks to social media you! ❤️⁣


If you’re interested in learning more about my new ECGL boot camp series, LOVE YOUR BODY 💕 hit me up!! We start February 1st!!

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